Toyota Rush Spyshot

A couple of months ago I posted about how a long wheelbase version of the Toyota Rush would be suitable for the Malaysian market. Now an anonymous reader has sent in snapshots of what appears to be a long wheelbase version of the Toyota Rush being transported on trailers to an unknown destination. We know this is the long wheelbase version because it has a much longer rear overhang than the short wheelbase version.

Perodua has previously indicated that the new Kembara replacement will be launched mid this year, so this is a bit too early for a Perodua Kembara replacement to be sighted on trailers. This leads me to believe that we might soon see two different versions of the same SUV being sold under two different badges – a short wheelbase Rush sold by Perodua badged as a Kembara, and a long wheelbase Rush sold by Toyota!

This strategy has been employed by Toyota and Daihatsu in Indonesia for quite some time now, as their market have both the Daihatsu Bego and the Toyota Rush, as well as the Daihatsu Xenia and the Toyota Avanza. Whether this strategy will work in Malaysia or not remains unknown, but it will be interesting to find out!

One more shot after the jump.

Toyota Rush Spyshot

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