Evo X Headlamps

Mitsubishi Motors has published a list of what they claim are technical innovations in the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. The list does look very fancy indeed, and stuff like ETACs will lend the Lancer Evolution X a much needed more upmarket feel – the Evo 9 did not really feel its price.

  • No Reverse Gear – The 5-speed manual does not have a reverse gear, instead it uses a combination of gears 1 and 3 with an idler gear on a separate shaft to reverse the direction of rotation.
  • Spoilers In The Wheel Arch – A miniscule spoiler lip protects wheel houses from swirling wind, this improves aerodynamics.
  • Energy Saving Glass – This reduces solar heat transmission by 66 to 100%, and cuts out UV light so that the air conditioning system does not have to work too hard.
  • Stainless Steel Manifold – the insides of the exhaust manifold is smoother.
  • ETACs – The Mitsubishi Electronic Total Automobile Control system lets the driver personalise his car. For example, he or she can decide how long the interior light stays on after door closure, or just disable the feature. The wing mirrors can also be set to automatically fold when the door is closed and ignition switched off.
  • Acoustic Engineering – Lightweight acoustic and vibration dampening materials including foam filling for pillars for good NVH while minimizing weight increase.
  • Adaptive Front Lighting – HID lamps light up the way ahead but additional beams light up to illuminate corners.
  • Vents – vents are placed around the car like the ones on the hood and behind the front wheels to release heat, and a central air intake for cool air.
  • F1 Piston Technology – The 4B11T uses Mahle full floating pistons which are based on F1 technology. The pistons are made of a very hard and strong alloy. The 4B11T is about 12kg lighter than the outgoing 4G63T.