Proton LogoProton posted a profit of RM11 million for the Q3 2007 period ending 31st December 2007, a big improvement over the Q3 2006 loss of RM272 million. Proton attributes the profit to higher sales volume and lower operating costs.

Q3 2007 revenue was up to RM1.45 billion, boosted by increased sales of 36,784 in Q3, up by 2,444 units from 34,340 in Q2, thanks to Persona sales of over 30,000 units and Saga bookings of over 35,000 since it was launched on the 18th of January 2008. Proton’s market share in this quarter increased to 34.8% compared to 33.1% and 26.5% in Q2 2007 and Q1 2007 respectively.