Infiniti LogoThe Nissan Skyline R32, R33 and R34 all came with 4-door bodies, though the 2-door coupe variants were far more popular with the car being a performance model and all. Auto Express reports that a 4-door Nissan GT-R is in the works using a stretched version of the R35’s platform, and it will be badged an Infiniti.

The new 4-door performance car will be known as the Infiniti R50, and will use a stretched version of the Nissan GT-R platform.

What’s going to be in the engine bay is still a question though, as supply is an issue for the hand-built VQ38DETT. A VK-based V8 like the 390 horsepower VK50VE may be used instead, but this is a big horsepower deficit against the VQ’s 473 horses.