HID Lamps

The JPJ has announced that it is giving car owners 3 months until the end of July 2008 to remove non-compliant xenon lamps and dark tinting that does not comply with JPJ specifications from their cars.

During the 3 months leading up to the deadline, vehicles caught in violation will be issued a PG1 notice (Notis Larangan Penggunaan), but there will be no compound associated with the notice. To get this notice retracted, the car owner needs to comply with the directive. JPJ director Salim Parlan urges the public to report the number plates of “offending cars” to 03-88866412.

Despite all these warnings, drama and deadlines, there is still no clear rules and regulations published as to what exactly non-compliance means when it comes to xenon lamps. Are aftermarket xenon headlamps illegal, or just any xenon lamps that are of an unsuitable colour temperature, brightness or pointing at the wrong angle?


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