Goodyear AssuranceGoodyear has just launched what looks like the “Volvo” of tyres called the Goodyear Assurance tire with ArmorGrip Technology, aimed at the customer who puts a priority on safety and durability when picking a new set of tyres.

“Goodyear consistently invests in research to better understand consumers driving needs. Based on these consumer insights, we know that the top key attribute most sought after in tyres is safety. For consumers in Asia, safety means excellent grip in wet or dry roads above all, and durability in terms of resistance to road hazards,” said DP Singh, Regional Marketing Director for Consumer Tyres.

What Goodyear calls ArmorGrip technology comprises of two different features that provides the “Armor” and “Grip” in ArmorGrip.

Goodyear AssuranceThe tire’s “Armor” incorporates both DuPont Kevlar in the tyres and a silicon-reinforced Durawall compound in the sidewall to provide increased resistance to cuts and tears. This is so that the tyre has increased durability in terms of resistance to the road hazards of our Malaysian roads. DuPont Kevlar which is lightweight and 5 times stronger than steel, was first used in Wrangler 4X4 tires.

The “Grip” portion is thanks to an advanced silica-based tread compound and a new “Waffle Blade System”. The use of silica in the thread increases chemical bonding with rubber polymers for improved grip.

Goodyear AssuranceThe Waffle Blade System is a new generation 3-dimensional blade system, which evolved from Goodyears previous Bubble Blade System.

It is designed to provide better braking and grip on wet and dry roads while maintaining lateral block rigidity, resulting in shorter wet braking distances without compromising handling performance.

The new Goodyear Assurance with ArmorGrip Technology is priced between RM170 to RM300 per tyre depending on size and is available in the following sizes:

  • 195/60 R15 ASSURANCE 88H
  • 205/60 R15 ASSURANCE 91H
  • 195/65 R15 ASSURANCE 91H
  • 205/65 R15 ASSURANCE 94H
  • 195/55 R15 ASSURANCE 85V
  • 195/50 R15 ASSURANCE 82V
  • 195/60 R14 ASSURANCE 86H
  • 205/55 R16 ASSURANCE 91V
  • 195/70 R14 ASSURANCE 91H