smallfiatlogo.jpgThe latest automaker to jump onto the low cost car bandwagon is Fiat. The company plans to reveal its low cost car somewhere in 2010. According to Fiat R&D Chief Harald Wester, the new low cost car will be slighty larger than the Fiat Panda, but did not quote any indicative price range for the car.

The new low-cost Fiat will help with the company’s position in markets such as South America, Russia, India and China. It’s not known yet whether the new low cost car will be Fiat-badged or not, as there is a possiblity of a new brand being used. Fiat is still conducting internal studies on whether a low cost model could damage Fiat’s image.

This car would effectively be the spiritual successor to the Fiat Palio, a supermini designed by Fiat as a “world car” aimed at developing countries. There has been speculation on the revival of the Fiat Uno nameplate as well.