toyotalogo.gifUMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd has issued a statement regarding the recent power window recall campaign in the US and clarified that its local models are not affected by the recall.

As previously reported, the models affected are the Toyota Matrix and GM’s Pontiac Vibe based on the Matrix. The affected part is a glass bolt on the driver and front passenger side door, which might loosen and cause an abnormal rattling sound.

Perhaps some customers have called up UMW Toyota Motor with questions expressing concern regarding this recall, so UMW Toyota Motor has decided to respond with a press release. It’s actually interesting to observe recall activity worldwide as we can observe the activities of different car manufacturers around the world and how they handle the recalls. It will at the very least raise our expectations on how our homegrown manufacturers should behave.

But we should not confuse international recalls with local models and spread rumours around as many of the parts that go into cars are localised according to region, so a part that is defective in one region could and should be perfectly fine in another.