Fit Manual Video

Honda Japan’s website has a very interesting feature – a whole section dedicated to digital versions of their car’s user manuals called the Honda Digital Owner’s Manual section. It’s all in Japanese, but still amusing to browse if you’re bored. For those looking forward to the new Honda Accord that will be launched next week, you can have a look at the Honda Inspire’s user manual page. You’ll be asked to accept some kind of user agreement in Japanese – just click the button on the left.

Some of the cars also have videos. Looking at how safety features like the Collision Mitigating Brake System are activated is quite different from reading about how they work in text form. This way, we can see whether the engineers have designed the system to be easy and intuitive to use. There’s also a video of the new Honda Fit RS which shows the new paddle shifters (rather than the current generation’s “button” shifters).

Anyway, it’s useful for those who want to have a walkaround for the upcoming Accord and Jazz before the car even reaches our showrooms, as these two cars so happen to have video sections. This video for example, shows us that the Fit/Jazz seems to have a hidden storage compartment under the seats.