Rafael NadalThis has got to be the most bizarre attempt at a viral video that an automaker has ever come up with. Kia’s seemingly completely random video featuring tennis personality Rafael Nadal and the Kia pro_cee’d 3-door hatchback first shows Nadal playing a tennis match against an alien. Which seems normal enough.

Then the alien sprouts multiple hands, sending a barrage of tennis balls across the court to Nadal, followed by a football. The tennis match suddenly becomes a football match. Suddenly four mini-Nadals come out of Nadal, they do a little “dance” and proceed with a Voltron-ish transformation sequence. Nadal then puts his fists into the mouths and his feet into the butts of the mini-Nadals, and “joins” with them.

UPDATE: Kia has updated the video with a version that shows the mini-Nadal Voltron “shoes” hold on to his feet rather than Nadal wearing them like shoes. I’ve updated the video in good faith to reflect the new version at the request of Kia Motors.

After defeating the alien by kicking a football through it and into the goal, Nadal then transforms into a Kia pro_cee’d, which drives away.

According to Jay Jungyub Yoo, Kia’s manager for Global Online Marketing and CRM, “All advertisers are trying very hard to find unique mediums in which to deliver their key messages and promote their brands. It looks like just “being unique” seems to be easier than “being effective” sometimes.”