Infiniti LogoInfiniti plans to differentiate its European-bound cars from their North American counterparts in terms of aesthetics.

Examples of modifications to the European Infinitis that are set to be launched in 9 European markets October this year are knobs instead of push-button switches on the center consoles, heated seats, retuned suspensions, bigger brakes, more powerful windshield wipers, heavier window seals, and between 300 to 500 other changes per car. According to Infiniti, these are all things that an European customer is more used to.

Nissan’s 2.5 litre inline-4 engine may also make its way into an Infiniti, as Europeans are warmer to smaller displacement engines, as compared to the displacement and V8-obsessed American buyer.

Exterior aesthetics may also change, although these changes will likely be minor changes such as the difference between the European Mazda 6 and the American Mazda 6, rather than two outrightly different cars like the American Accord and the European Accord.