BajajBajaj Auto already has a joint venture with Nissan and Renault to develop the low-cost Bajaj ULC for the Indian market, but Bajaj Auto’s managing director Rajiv Bajaj says that by July another agreement will be signed to explore additional products to be added to the Bajaj-Renault-Nissan portfolio such as larger cars and MPVs.

“There’s no way one can compete with a single product in any market, be it cell phones or motorcycles or cars. We are planning a portfolio of products. There would be different products, not just variants of the same product at different price points,” said Rajiv Bajaj.

I think its safe to say that Renault-Nissan’s new partner in the Indian market is Bajaj Auto. They’ve been said to be on a lookout for a new partner ever since the collaboration with Mahindra to produce the Renault Logan in India did not take off very well.

Even in the recent story on Proton in India by the Economic Times of India, it was mentioned that talks between Proton and Mahindra aren’t going so well because Mahindra wanted to stay away from the passenger vehicle market for awhile after the Logan’s unsuccessful run.