Fuel-Wallet Gauge500 fuel stations in border town areas between 30 to 50km from the border to Thailand in the north and the border to Singapore in the south have agreed to set up separate fuel pumps for foreign-registered vehicles that will charge current market rates to fuel up.

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday, so there is unlikely to be any random contradictory changes in the announcement the next day as observed with the last fuel pricing change (something must be up between Shahrir and the PM).

Petrol station operators will be responsible to look at their customers number plate to see if it is a local or foreign registered cars. But what’s to stop them from profiteering from letting them pump at market rates plus a little bit of “incentives”? One way would be to let petrol stations earn more profit margin on fuel pumped into foreign cars, or we will probably have to rely on citizen police.