SL65 AMG Black

Mercedes-Benz’s in-house AMG tuner division has unveiled the new Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series, a lighter, wider and faster version of the SL65 AMG coupe. More details on this latest car to come out of the AMG garages after the jump.

SL65 AMG Black

On the exterior, the new SL65 AMG Black Series has many body panels replaced with carbon fiber for lightening purposes. The roof, fenders, hood, trunk lid, and front and rear aprons are all made out of the lightweight but strong material. The roof is also now a fixed roof rather than a convertible hard top. All of this results in a weight reduction of 250kg. The new roof is lower and flatter, which enhances aerodynamics. The front fenders are nearly six inches wider than the stock SL65 AMG, with a 4 inch wider track. The rear spoiler is extendable and activates at a speed of 120km/h.

The car rides on a combination of lightweight 19 inch and 20 inch AMG double-spoke forged alloy wheels with sizes 9.5×19 inches at the front front and 11.5×20 inches in the rear, wrapped with 265/35ZR19 and 325/30R20 tyres at the front and rear axle respectively. The brake discs are 15 inch with 6 pot calipers and 14 inch in diameter with 4 pot calipers for the front and rear axles respectively. The suspension system is fully adjustable, allowing fine adjustment of shock absorber rebound, ride height and wheel alignment. The ESP stability control system has three-stages: On, Sport, and Off. The ESP Sport mode allows a greater degree of slip before it kicks in.

SL65 AMG Black

Under the hood is a massive 6.0 litre twin turbocharged V12 engine hand-built by AMG. It produces 650 horsepower (this is limited apparently, more to be released via a chip?) and a crazy four-digit 1000Nm of torque. This takes the SL65 AMG Black from 0 to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds up to a top speed of 320km/h. This is mated to a 5-speed AMG Speedshift Plus automatic transmission with four shift modes – C, S, M1 and M2. Those who own modern Mercedes-Benz cars will be familiar with C, S and M which stand for Comfort, Sport and Manual respectively. The Manual M mode has the fastest shifts, but on the AMG Speedshift Plus the M2 mode shifts 25% faster than M1. Downshifts also feature automatic throttle-blipping.

The interior is all-black with carbon fiber bucket seats wrapped with Nappa leather. The steering wheel has a 15mm smaller diameter and has aluminium shift paddles for manual shifting. The instrument panel has two colours – the tachometer has four LED shift lights integrated into it, while the speedometer is black.

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