Atsushi Fujimoto

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd is currently having a 3S campaign from the 1st of July 2008 until the 30th of September 2008. According to Honda CEO Atsushi Fujimoto, the Honda 3S campaign is set to become an annual campaign to directly reward existing and potential customers, to show appreciation when they visit Honda 3S centres during the campaign period.

3S centres are very important with any brand. This is because most if not all interaction between a customer and a car manufacturer is through a car manufacturer’s dealer. So in a way, the dealer represents the brand and directly defines whether the customer will be happy or unhappy with the manufacturer. 3S stands for sales, service and spare parts. This means the dealership will be able to provide support for sales and after-sales.

Imagine if you buy a car from a 1S dealer and somehow luck is not on your side and you need something fixed under warranty or any other issue with the car – the 1S dealer cannot help you and would most likely not be bothered about you as he’s finished his sale. When you go to another dealer that has 3S he may not be too enthusiastic about helping you out as he did not get his sales commission from you. There are certain car manufacturers that are plagued with this sort of dealers and in the end both the brand and customer loses out and only the 1S dealers laugh all the way to the bank.

Smart car manufacturers do realise this, for example when GM took over Chevrolet’s operations here it began with a revamp of its dealership network to ensure all dealerships are 3S. Honda has 51 3S centers throughout Malaysia, making the brand well-represented in each state except Perlis. This will be increased to 60 by 2010. Honda expects 100,000 after-sales customers and 45,000 visitors to its 3S dealerships during this 3S campaign.

Visitors to Honda 3S dealerships and test drive any models will get a Honda Tool Kit. There are also special interest rates for the City, CR-V, Stream, Odyssey and Civic. Buyers of the Civic Type R, Civic Hybrid, Stream or Odyssey during this campaign will also be entered into a lucky draw for 50 Debit Cards worth RM5,000 each.

Buyers of the CR-V, Civic 1.8 or Civic 2.0 during this campaign will be entered into a lucky draw for 50 limited edition Honda Racing Watches worth RM520 each. These Honda Racing Watches are also given when you buy a City or Civic Modulo Bodykit package, which themselves have a 15% discount applied during the campaign. In addition buyers of Modulo kits will be entered into a lucky draw to win 1 of 6 iPod Touch MP3 players.

After-sales customers will get a 30% discount on Honda engine oil, a Honda Racing Keychain and if more than RM200 is spent, a Honda Racing Bag.