Proton LogoMITI Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin says Malaysia is in “no hurry to further liberalise” its automotive sector, but at the same time says Malaysia is fully committed to fulfilling its WTO multilateral commitments. He added that MITI will be looking into ways to ensure Proton remains protected but at the same time improve the National Automotive Policy to be a more progressive policy compared to the “slanted” NAP it is now.

What is desired is a win-win environment where both Proton and foreign brand present can prosper and MITI is trying to achieve that. Industry sources say one of the main reasons foreign investments have shied away from our country is that our policies are too volatile in nature (read: flip flop), making mid to long term planning next to impossible.

Think about it: why do you think certain foreign manufacturers prefer to have ultra long waiting lists rivalling the Perodua Myvi’s at one point record long waiting list rather than expand capacity? Fix that and it is already step one in bringing back the FDI.

Let’s wait and see what the NAP review brings.