W211 Facelift

The ACA has taken action in the Terengganu state government Perdana V6 maintenance costs case. The Star reports that 3 car workshop owners have been arrested and 8 of the 16 Perdana V6 Executive cars have been seized for investigation. In addition another 10 people have been called to the ACA to give their statements regarding the issue. ACA enforcement director Datuk Shukri Abdull said there was a possibility that more people would be arrested.

This is probably good news for the state exco in a twisted way – with the cars seized they have no choice but to use the new E200K they have purchased, but it’s not that they have not been doing this already. Despite the Perdana Menteri’s directive not to use the cars the state excos have ignored it and started using the E200K cars as their official cars to travel to events and wherever they have to be.

Proton also found that one of its dealers in Terengganu has been using non-genuine spare parts, overcharging on parts and labour and performing work on cars without recording it in Proton’s warranty system. This dealer is under EON and has been suspended, and it may be terminated if found to be implicated in wrongdoings after investigation. The Terengganu state government had revealed earlier that it had appointed 4 service centers to service its cars – Pusat Servis EON, Tenaga Setia Service Sdn Bhd, Pusat Servis Ranaco and AMBL Services.

Proton also revealed that the average annual maintenance expenditure incurred by each of the 35 Proton Perdanas that the Terengganu government sent to Proton authorised service centers was only RM542. Proton mentioned that the average maintenance cost of a Proton Persona was RM2,373 a year… so have these cars been “under-serviced”? Or were the services just not logged into Proton’s warranty system?

According to Proton managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed, out of the RM1,071,668.82 figure spent on maintaining Terengganu’s fleet of 16 Perdana V6 Executive cars, only 17% was spent in authorised Proton service centers, with the rest spent outside. One of the cars was found with cross-drilled disc brakes which were not an original Proton item. “The person who installed the brakes may have passed them off as high-performance brakes and charged a higher price,” said Syed Zainal. The national car company has offered a free audit of all cars owned by all state governments.

At the same time while all of this is happening, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad launched the Consumer Day celebration with the theme “Moderation for a Better Life” and “Practice Sustainable Consumption”. Well, the government is certainly not leading by example.