As you can see from the photos, there are various front end stylings prepared for Honda Fit / Honda Jazz targetted at different regions around the world.

The top left is the UK market Honda Jazz, while the top right is the American Honda Fit. The second row are both JDM Fits, one with the normal kit and the other in the Fit RS kit. At the bottom is the Jazz you will find in Singapore (which is likely the ASEAN version too), which looks like the Fit RS but with additional fog lamps in the front bumper.

These are just the front end’s styling differences. I’ve counted at least four tail lamp designs! Together with a range of aftermarket tail lamp lenses that are sure to emerge soon if not already, the many customization options of the original Jazz and its new successor is likely one of the main reasons why it is so popular here despite being expensive. Which design do you like the best?

Which design do you think Malaysians will get when the 2nd generation Jazz is finally launched here? It’s likely the ASEAN version. The Defy Convention teaser site counts down another 13 days and 21+ hours until its launch as of time of posting.