New Shell Diesel

Shell Malaysia launched a new diesel yesterday and the fuel is already available at pumps. Shell claims the new Shell diesel features better combustion characteristics, helps clean your engine, has better anti-foam properties and finally better anti-corrosion properties. It will replace the existing diesel offering and will be sold at normal prices.

As for sulphur levels, Shell Malaysia says the diesel fuel is compliant with Malaysia’s current MS123 diesel standards. The previous proposal by the government to bring our fuel quality up to Euro II has been postponed. MS123 calls for a maximum sulphur content of 3000ppm while Euro II calls for a max of 500ppm.

There was a story on this blog posted in early 2007 referencing a Malaysian research paper revealing the sulphur levels of fuel sold by all fuel companies in Malaysia. It was revealed that out of the 6 fuel brands at that time, 5 had already complied with Euro II’s maximum sulphur content requirements with figures of 300, 500, 200, 260 and 260 ppm respectively. The one remaining fuel brand had sulphur content that was significantly higher than the rest at 2800ppm.

Fuel Quality

It’s just too bad that the paper did not reveal the brands, choosing only to label them as A, B, C, D, E, and F. It’s such a shame that we are stuck paying a significantly higher price for diesel now, yet only get MS123 grade diesel.

Shell Singapore already offers 50ppm diesel at their stations (called Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) in compliance with Singaporean legislation.

Do read the 2007 story about the research paper to find out more about the quality levels of fuel in Malaysia. You will discover that not all fuels are the same!

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