Click image to view E-Class spyshot gallery from Autobild

This week’s Autobild magazine carries the W212 Mercedes-Benz E-Class on its over. The W211 that it replaces was rather curvy when it first came out but with the facelift you could already have a preview of the route Mercedes-Benz was taking its E-Class – it started having sharper edges and was more in your face rather than subtle and classy.

The new W212 E-Class has a very large and prominent angular 4-louvre grille up front. The twin headlamp design remains but instead of the classic round eyed design they are now square, much like the Lexus GS300.

Look at the spyshot gallery by Autobild linked above for an idea of how the rest of the car looks like. There are spyshots of the side and rear angles of the car to be seen. As for scans of the contents of the W212 issue, check this page.