New LamborghiniThe mysterious new Lamborghini concept car set to be unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show has been unveiled and it turns out some of you who were commenting in the previous post got it spot on – a front-engined four-door coupe!

Yes, even Italian supercar maker Lamborghini is not spared from the four-door coupe craze and is it really is surprise, given that it is owned by Audi (which is planning the Audi A7), which is in turn owned by Volkswagen (which came up with the Passat CC), which is in turn has its share majority held by Porsche (currently sells the Cayenne SUV and soon the Porsche Panamera).

One clue that pointed to a four door coupe when the teaser images were revealed last week was the large amount of space between the front wheels and the door. Initial details reveal that the new car will have its engine installed at the front, behind the front axle for good weight distribution. It will have all-wheel drive.

The engine is likely to be a more tractable twin turbocharged V8 or V10 instead of a manic high revving normally aspirated engine as the former will offer more usable power during relatively sedate driving, is likely to be more refined and thus more suited to this kind of application. For a better power to weight ratio, the chassis might be all-aluminium according to Lamborghini sources.

The Paris show concept will preview a production version which will be showcased in the future. Lamborghini targets 3,000 units a year, a far cry from Porsche’s 20,000 unit annual target for the Porsche Panamera.