Proton Satria Neo

Fans of Top Gear will know that one of the segments in the popular motoring TV show is the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car”. In the UK show it is currently the Chevrolet Lacetti (called the Optra on our shores), which replaced a Suzuki Liana after the first 7 seasons.

What happens is a celebrity is brought onto the show, is interviewed about his or her interests in cars, then the star sets a lap around the Top Gear test track in the car.

In Top Gear Australia, the segment is called the “Star in a Bog Standard Car”, and the first car used is our very own Proton Satria Neo! I’d say its a great choice thanks to its relatively cheap price and above average handling, and for the most of it because I am Malaysian and it’s quite exciting to see something as familiar as a Proton used.

Proton Australia (whether they paid for this inclusion or not) must be really happy that their little hatch getting plenty of airtime through the show. As for the new and upcoming Top Gear USA, their reasonably priced car is supposed to be the Kia Rio.