We all know that alternative drivetrains such as electric or fuel cell can allow us to totally rethink the way we design a car’s chassis, but I think this is taking that ideology too far. This oddity is called the BamGoo and it’s body is made of bamboo, what the makers call an “eco-material” that’s hard and lightweight.

The BamGoo only weighs 60kg (that’s lighter than me!) and can run about 50km on a single charge. But still, would you really want to travel 50km in something like this? I would only feel safe (what kind of crash test results is it going to get anyway) going to nearby shops – that’s about less than 2km in distance – and with that kind of distance, wouldn’t it be a better idea to just walk or cycle?

The vehicle was the result of a joint-venture project between the state government of Kyoto and the Kyoto University.