Porsche unveiled the facelifted Porsche Boxster roadster and the facelifted Porsche Cayman coupe at the 2008 Los Angeles International Auto Show. The duo now offers the PDK dual clutch transmission replacing the outgoing Tiptronic S slushbox, and the Boxster S and Cayman S now has direct fuel injection on its 3.4 litre engines.

Other than a folding soft top on the Boxster and a coupe roof on the Cayman, the two cars also have some differences in design such as the extra diffuser inserts on the Boxster and the wind deflector plate on the Cayman. On the front end, each have their own front bumper design. Even the front signal lamps are configured differently. While both use LED signal lamps, the Cayman’s LEDs are arranged in a square like the face of dice while the Boxster gets a horizontal row of 4 LEDs.

The base engine in the Boxster and Cayman is the 2.9 litre boxer engine, producing 255hp in the Boxster and 265hp in the Cayman. This mean other than being a roadster and coupe version of the same car, the coupe is now more powerful than the roadster across the range as even in the S versions, the direct fuel injected 3.4 litre engine in the Cayman makes 320hp, a 10hp advantage over the 3.4 litre unit in the Boxster S which makes 310hp.

The new cars are more fuel efficient than the pre-facelift versions. The 2.9 litre version does 8.9 litres per 100km according to the EU4 standard, which is 11% less than the outgoing Tiptronic S model.