Apple iMo Concept

Anthony Jannarelly created the Apple iMo concept car for his MA Automotive Design at Coventry university. Apple-like design cues are very much infused into the concept car, and one of the videos after the jump which shows the iMo on the roads depicts a future where the iMo is the default means of motoring in the future.

In Jannarelly’s concept, the Apple iMo is more than an urban car, its a robot designed to be 100% autonomous and assist you in your daily activities, due to be released in 2024. The iMo can take up to 3 people in it, or even dedicate its entire interior capacity to transporting goods, since it can travel by itself without being driven. Its interior can reshape itself on the fly to form seats or a flat space to maximise storage area.

Apple iMo Concept

The shell of an Apple iMo is made of polycarbonate, and it only has two wheels. It balances itself using gyroscopic sensors, and can lean on the side by changing the diameter of its wheels. It measures 2000mm long, 1990mm wide and 1700mm tall. Since there are only two wheels and therefore only 1 axle, there isn’t really a wheelbase to be measured. It has 60kW of power, which translates into 80 horsepower.

The iMo works hand in hand with a global traffic and parking system to manage the flow of iMos on the road and store (park) them whenever the owner has reached his destination. The parking system frees ground space to maximize human usage. iMos can either be stored underground, be parked on a wall, or be parked in the air simply by allowing it to be picked up by zeppelins. These zeppelins either just hang around in mid-air with iMos on them or transport them to parking lots at the top of buildings.

Is this the future of personal transportation?