Kawasaki Z750

Be very very careful what you upload onto YouTube! A random search on the popular video sharing site will easily reveal many “topspeed” tests recorded by amateur videographers, to show off or perhaps just as footage proof that said vehicles are truly capable of such speeds. But beware, if the road you’re on isn’t one without speed limits such as the Autobahn, you could be making it really easy for the law enforcement to track you down, as the video itself is evidence of sorts!

One YouTube user learned this the hard way. User jmm006, or Joel as his profile indicates, recorded videos of himself riding his Kawasaki Z750 through the streets of Canberra, specifically in a zone that had a 60km/h speed limit.

The coppers traced his YouTube account to his home and paid a visit with a search warrant. Among items seized were footage, a camcorder, a laptop and a hard drive. 20-year old Joel will face the court in a future date.

“We take these offences seriously. As a result of some good work from officers in traffic operations, this investigation was quickly concluded and it should send a message to anyone who seeks to glorify actions that place the lives of innocent people in danger, that they will not be tolerated,” said Superintendent Mark Colbran.

If you want to watch the incriminating videos, check them out after the jump.