E36 S2000

Here’s something a little different from the many E36s here in Malaysia who have Nissan inline-6 turbo engines under their hoods. A Japanese dude decided to plonk in a F20 engine from the Honda S2000 into his 2-door E36 BMW 318is coupe’s engine bay, and Best Motoring featured his car! He must be trying to create the ultimate touge monster, the 50:50 balance of a BMW E36 3-Series combined with the relatively light, compact and high-revving engine in the S2000, and one that had the same cylinder count as the stock engine that came with his car. One that goes all the way up to 9,500rpm, good for 250 PS. Watch the video after the jump (I know some of you won’t be focusing on the car…) and you’ll see the stock BMW instrument cluster’s tachometer needle cross all the way into the area thats used to show the real time fuel consumption. Hardcore BMW fans will slam this as sacrilegious, but it’s insane nevertheless!

Video: E36 BMW 3-Series Coupe with Honda S2000 Engine