Volvo D5 Twin Turbo Diesel
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Volvo is the latest car manufacturer with a new high-powered twin turbodiesel engine that has good power, loads of torque and at the same time, low emissions and good fuel economy. The new Volvo D5 inline-5 twin-turbodiesel has 2.4 litres of displacement and uses two differently sized turbochargers installed in a sequential arrangement to produce 205hp and 420Nm of torque, while achieving 45.6mpg and 164g/km of emissions, meeting Euro 5 standards.

The formula is a well-known and used one, a small turbocharger to rapidly spool up and provide lag-free boost from idle that hands over the job to a larger turbocharger at higher revs, up to 1.8 bar of boost. It also allows using exhaust gas recirculation over a wider range than before, helping reduce harmful emissions. Fuel is delivered via piezoelectric fuel injectors, and the engine also uses ceramic glowplugs that improve cold-starts because they can reach 1000 degrees Celcius in just 2 seconds.

Another feature of the engine is the elimination of an oil dipstick for the owner to check his engine lubricant levels. Instead, an information display in the car shows the status of the engine oil and if it needs replenishing, the owner is even informed of exactly how much oil to pour in.

This new all-aluminium D5 twin turbodiesel engine will first be used in the Volvo S80 from mid-2009 onwards in the UK, but specs and price of the new twin turbodiesel S80 have not been revealed yet, only to be announced nearer to the showroom launch date.