Peugeot 408

This image of what’s supposed to be a spyshot of the upcoming Peugeot 308 was posted by a forum-peugeot member, but the avid Photoshoppers over at CarSpyShots quickly dismissed it as a 3D rendering with noise added to make it look more realistic, as if it were snapped with a camera phone. Just look at the strange C-pillar and the rest of the car, it just doesn’t look very real. But it could be just the angle.

While other companies are scrambling to build “4-door coupes” at the top of the luxury segment, Peugeot has had one in the basic D-segment category for ages. My wishlist for the 408 would be for more interior room and for the tired 2.0 litre engine to be phased out and replaced by a turbocharged 1.6 litre, like what Peugeot did with the 308.