BMW PAS Spyshot

BMW PASBMW has released a teaser video where a narrator uses scribbly drawings to describe what the whole BMW PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) concept is all about. The BMW PAS is what many consider to be a 5-Series with a coupe-like stationwagon rear end.

You may be wondering what’s the difference between this and taking an X6 and just lowering it and replacing the wheels with more road-like ones? Well, BMW hopes this video will continue to spark your curiosity until the unveiling (in concept form), which is expected to be in the next 2 months or so.

From the video here are some details we can obtain:

  • 2 rows of seating, with the 2nd row having reclining and sliding seats to vary between legroom and luggage space as needed.
  • A dual-opening rear hatch which also includes a regular sedan bootlid, much like the new Skoda Superb’s “TwinDoor” hatch.
  • A semi-command seating position for the driver, somewhere in between a sedan’s sitting position and an SUV’s.

It’s somewhat like taking the Audi A6 Allroad or Volvo XC70 concept abit further with a coupe-ish roofline, the special two-in-one rear hatch and the comfortable 2nd row seats.

Watch the video after the jump.