Dacia eco2
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Dacia has expanded its eco2 brand name with a few new vehicles – the Sandero and Logan 1.4 LPG, the Logan MCV 1.6 LPG, the Sandero 1.6 E85 bioethanol, and a new engine variant for the Sandero and Logan that users a 1.2 litre 16 valve 75 horsepower engine with emissions of 139g/km.

To qualify as an eco2 vehicle, a Dacia vehicle has to meet the same standard’s as Renault’s own eco2 brand. The vehicle must have CO2 emissions of less or equal to 140g/km, or must be biofuel compatible. The car must also be produced in one of two ISO 14001-certified plants, which are either the Somaca factory in Morocco or the Pitesti factory in Romania. The car must also be 95% end-of-life recoverable by weight, and at least 5% which they contain must be sourced from recycling.

Their argument for bioethanol can be seen in the image above, which not only takes into account vehicle CO2 output but the total CO2 output of the whole process of getting the fuel from its source into your car’s fuel tank. Plus the source of the bioethanol actually consumes CO2, which further improves the fuel’s “carbon footprint“.

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