Mitsubishi Racing Lancer

It seems that one by one all the Japanese manufacturers are pulling out of motorsports (Honda, Suzuki, Subaru, Kawasaki). The latest casualty is Mitsubishi’s Dakar rally team. Some expected this as Mitsubishi’s luck in the rally took a down turn this year after it won the event 7 times running. It could be the new V6 diesel-based Racing Lancer (shown above), or simply because its opponents got better.

“It is extremely regrettable. I am sorry for our fans. We were a good team too. Since 2004, we continued to participate in the rally even in difficult times by cutting costs. We gained much technologically during this time. It pains me to say we will no longer be able to participate,” said president MMC Osamu Masuko.

According to Mitsubishi, pulling out from the race will cost it some money but in the long run it would be saving money. This decision comes after announcing an expected net loss of 60 billion yen (670 million dollars) for the current financial year to March, attributed to dropping sales and a strengthening Yen.