Formula One has generally been a very multi-national motorsports event – teams are run like businesses and you sign up the best drivers and parts you can afford. A1 actually differentiated itself from F1 by having country-based teams, although they may like our A1 Team Malaysia be managed by foreigners. The Force India F1 team is one recent “country”-based team, though it looks like it’s only in ownership as the drivers (German Adrian Sutil and Italian Giancarlo Fisichella) and management team are all foreigners.

Here comes another new F1 team – USF1, with the tagline “Made in America”. They plan to use American drivers and American engines and chassis development. They’ve also reportedly signed up for the new Windshear wind tunnel in North Carolina for R&D. The US doesn’t even have their own F1 race (the US GP ended in 2007). Do Americans even like motorsports that aren’t in run a straight line or an oval? :P

Not much else is known about the team, but a few key people are said to be associated – Peter Windsor (uh, a sports commentator), and Ken Anderson. Those who follow F1 news may remember this news piece sometime in mid-2008 about Ken Anderson talking to Honda about setting up an American F1 team. Is this a completely new team, or a repackaged and rebranded Honda F1 Team?

Has Honda finally found a buyer for their F1 team?