Mugen Insight

It’s obvious that Honda and Mugen work closely on Honda cars even before they are officially released, looking at how fast Mugen comes out with kits for new Hondas. The Mugen kit for the new Honda Insight is out and it’s called the Mugen Zero-Lift Insight, which like its namesake is supposed to create zero-lift for the car, according to Mugen. Yup, a bodykit that’s fully wind-tunnel tested.

The aerokit is made up of a new grille, front under spoiler, side spoiler, rear under spoiler, and a rear wing. You can fit a triangular-shaped sports silencer on the rear. There are visors for the side windows that are ventilated to ensure it does not interrupt air flow. There are a choice of 2 wheel designs (a Y-spoke XJ design and a 7-spoke NR design) in various colours. A sports suspension is available for improved handling. Mugen also offers the i-TCMS system which is a tyre pressure monitoring system. On the inside you can also specify a “sports mat”, whatever that is.