Kia Soul

This is somewhat quite interesting. As you’ve previously read, the Kia Soul will be positioned as a lifestyle vehicle, Kia’s very own version of the MINI Cooper, the Alfa Romeo Mi.To and the Fiat 500. It’s gotta be cute and full of gimmicks to keep its owner amused and smiling. MINI has its little mood lighting thing going on in the interior where the user can change the ambiant light from various shades from blue to purple to an orangey-red. And the Kia Soul has the “sound volume reflecting speaker lamp.”

Lights in speakers are nothing new. My Perdana’s speakers are lit up too – they’re Soundstream units that have a light glow behind the spider-shaped speaker grille. They look out of place in an executive car like the Perdana though. The Kia Soul’s speakers take the light behind a speaker grille concept further – the light can actually brighten and dim according to the music being played.

There are four modes – On, Music, Mood and Off. On and Off are self-explanatory – the light will either be permanently on or off. Music and Mood behave differently – Mood just dims and brightens repeatedly in 2 second intervals while Music changes its brightness according to the music’s volume, bass tone and beat.

Check out a video after the jump to see the speaker in action with the MI2 movie soundtrack.