Volkswagen NMS

Volkswagen’s D-segment offerings will be split into two after the introduction of a new car aimed at the North American and Chinese markets, while Europe will continue to get the Volkswagen Passat. Above is one of the first sketches released by Volkswagen of the car that has not received a name yet. It is currently referred to as the Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan. Many car manufacturers have their D-segment cars split into 2. For example, Ford’s European and American line-up are totally different, while Honda has two different Accords for North America/Asia and Europe/Japan.

According to an unnamed Volkswagen executive, the NMS project was created because the company felt American and Asian customers don’t really appreciate the refinement of its current offerings such as the Passat, hence its dismal sales in comparison to competitors like the Camry and the Accord, though the Passat is also more expensive because of the extra costs that go into its refinement.

So VW decided to develop a new car more down to the H and T badge standards, with a focus on strict cost-cutting targets. The new Volkswagen NMS will be built on the sale PQ46 platform as the Passat, which is an enlarged version of the Golf’s PQ35 platform.