BMW 7-Series

BMW USA held a 1-hour long Webcast on the 2009 BMW 7-Series (F01 and F02) on the 17th of February 2009 from San Diego, California, where BMW held a media drive for the American press. The webcast videos are now available to view as an archive.

They’re split into 8 chapters, with the first 7 chapters ranging between 2 minutes to 6 minutes long that feature various BMW personnel explaining the new 7-Series product features and design language choices, and the final chapter being a Q&A session that’s 24 minutes long.

Look after the jump for an index of the videos, as well as a new batch of hi-res photos of the 7-Series shot in the US!

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VIDEO: BMW F01 – Introduction by Tom Salkowsky

VIDEO: BMW F01 – Welcome from BMW VP Marketing Jack Pitney, Why the new 7-series is important to BMW.

VIDEO: BMW F01 – Tom Salkowsky introduces the 7-Series design

VIDEO: BMW F01 – 7-Series designers discuss the new flagship

VIDEO: BMW F01 – Tom Salkowsky discusses color and trim with designer Martina Starke

VIDEO: BMW F01 – Product Manager Allana Bahri discusses the features of the new 7-Series

VIDEO: BMW F01 – Stephan Durach discusses 7-Series technology

VIDEO: BMW F01 – USA Webcast Q&A Session