Audi TT-RS
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Audi has released a short teaser press release for the latest and most powerful variant of the Audi TT they will be unveiling at the Geneva Auto Show, the Audi TT-RS. Hot on the tail of the TT-S which featured a tuned up 2.0 TFSI engine, the new Audi TT-RS has been revealed to use a force inducted inline-5 engine, something that used to be a regular feature in the Audis of the past.

It’s likely to be a turbocharged 2.5 litre unit, basically you could consider it to be one-half of the 5.0 litre V10 turbo in the RS6. A normally aspirated version of this 2.5 litre engine is also found in the Volkswagen Rabbit (Golf) sold in the US. It will feature direct injection, quattro permanent all-wheel drive and great brakes to boot.

0 to 100km/h is said to be achieved in under 5 seconds, thanks to a good power to weight ratio allowed by its Audi Space Frame chassis. We’ll have to wait until the Geneva show for more details of this mini-R8, so stay tuned! For the moment, let us ponder upon this – Volkswagen is scrapping the V6 from its next generation R-model Golf. Instead of a high-boost version of the 2.0 TFSI, couldn’t we see this motor slotted in?