Italian sports car maker which has also won its 16th Formula 1 Constructors’ title; Ferrari has announced that it will unveil the 599 GTB with the Handling GTE package as well as the track ready 599XX which is based on the 599 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Although the Prancing Horse has chosen not to reveal further details, we know that the 599 GTB with the HGTE offers a far better, spirited, and track friendly drive than the stock 599 GTB and that it is finished in a new three-layer metallic Rosso body colour.

The 599XX, which would only be available to a selected few (just like the Enzo), is something like the Ferrari FXX, that incorporates the most advanced technologies resulting from Ferrari’s road-going and F1 research.

The only thing Ferrari revealed about the 599XX is that it is finished in a colour matching the F2008 Formula 1 contender. We will bring you the latest updates, stay tuned!