Italian based sports car maker; Lamborghini has recently revealed that it will launch the Lamborghini LP650-4 Roadster in Geneva, but with just a couple of days away from the actual launch, images of the new roadster have been leaked onto the Internet.

Details are scarce though, but we do know that the Lamborghini LP650-4 Roadster features an all wheel drive system, which is coupled with an up-rated 6.5 litre V12 and an e-gear automatic 6 speed transmission. Horse power figure is expected to hover at about 650 in total.

Apparently, only 50 units will ever be produced and it is expected to carry a price tag of about 550,000 Euros each. Other than a transparent engine bonnet and a carbon engine frame, it features a rear view camera and a navigation system. On the outside, it is treated to a unique body colour finish as well as Hermera shiny black wheels. Continue reading to view another image of the rear.