Automotive tuner; Sportec has revealed that it will showcase an ultra-exclusive, up-rated Porsche 911 in Geneva, Switzerland. Based on the “997” 911 Turbo, the Sportec SPR1 M features a wheel spinning 858HP and a chassis twisting 880Nm of torque thanks to a T80 M (based on the 3.6 litre turbo power plant) engine package.

To take things to a another level, Sportec has completely rebuilt the entire car from the ground up and has used a good deal of carbon fiber to keep things light as feather. With the light weight structure, coupled with an 858HP power plant, this is one seriously fast coupe.

The most interesting thing about the SPR1 M is that only 10 units will ever be produced, which makes me wonder about the price tag, over a factory 911 Turbo. The tuner has yet to release any other performance figures, but the previous SPR1 model managed to hit 100 km/h in 3 seconds and continued till the needle hit 300 km/h, which can be achieved in 18.9 seconds from zero. So expect a slightly lower sprint time and a higher top speed mark.

Sportec will also showcase a number of other vehicles including; an Audi RS 6-based Sportec RS700 as well as the SP750 which is based on the “997” Porsche GT2.