Austrian-based auto manufacturer; Magna Steyr will join the eco-friendly vehicle line up at the Geneva Motor Show with its fully electric Magna Steyr MILA Electric Vehicle Concept. Just like most electric powered vehicles, the MILA EV Concept features a lithium ion battery pack, but it features a rather impressive recharge time of 2.5 hours.

Electricity is sent to a 49kW electric motor that is able to produce a rather sedate, but adequate 67HP in total, while driving range over a full charge is rated at 150 kilometers. Unfortunately, Magna Steyr has no plans what so over to produce the MILA for the mass market, instead the auto maker is showcasing the electric concept to other auto makers who would be interested in buying certain components or electric vehicle technologies from the Austrian company.

Apparently Ford has revealed its intentions to work with Magna Steyr to jointly produce a zero emissions electric vehicle, which should hit the market in 2011. In the partnership, Magna Steyr which is owned by Canadian-based Magna International will work on components including the electric motor, transmission, battery pack and other control units.