General Motors-owned Opel will debut the Opel Ampera which is basically a re-badged version of the Chevy Volt at the Geneva Motor Show that will take place on March 3rd. Although the Ampera shares the same platform and drive system with the Volt across the Atlantic, this European version features a different design treatment, especially on the front fascia. Looking at the teaser image released by General Motors, the Ampera looks more modern or futuristic compared to the Volt.

Nothing official has been released regarding its drive system other than the fact that over a full charge, the electricity stored in the 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery pack can deliver 60 kilometers in range, and when energy is depleted, the range extending internal combustion engine will increase the Ampera’s driving range to more than 500 kilometers.

The electric motor should be good for 150HP and 370Nm of torque and its batteries can be recharged via a 230 volt electric outlet. The 5-door 4-seater hatch’s combustion engine should also be able to be fueled with biofuel or E85. The Opel Ampera is expected to hit European roads in 2011.