After unveiling the latest Volkswagen Polo, the German auto maker has revealed the Polo BlueMotion Concept at the international motor show in Geneva. Based on the latest VW Polo, the BlueMotion Concept features a remarkable fuel consumption figure of 3.3 litres per 100 kilometers!

Not only that, it releases only 87 grams of emission per kilometer. Under the hood, there is 1.2 litre common rail TDI which produces 75HP. Volkswagen has also fitted the automatic start-stop and a system for regenerative braking.

Other fuel efficient Volkswagens revealed at the motor show include the Golf BlueMotion which offers a fuel consumption figure of 3.8 litres per 100 kilometers with an emissions output of 99 grams per kilometer. This Golf is powered by a 105HP power plant with 250Nm of torque and it is fitted with automatic start-stop and regenerative braking.


The Golf Plus BlueMotion with the 1.6 litre TDI power plant also with auto start-stop and regenerative braking is able to deliver 100 kilometers in range with just 4.3 litres of fuel while releasing 114 grams of harmful emissions per kilometer. Meaning with 55 litres of fuel (full tank), it can deliver 1,100 kilometers.

The Passat CC BlueTDI is able to offer a fuel consumption figure of 5.2 litres per 100 kilometers with an emissions output of 138 grams per kilometer. This fuel efficient Passat CC features a 143HP BlueTDI engine with a downstream SCR catalytic converter and Volkswagen revealed that it can be ordered with the 6 speed dual clutch transmission.

Last but not least, Volkswagen is previewing the Touran TSI EcoFuel which is powered by a 150HP power plant. This natural-gas fueled vehicle is able to deliver 100 kilometers with just 4.8 kilograms of natural gas which costs about 4.60 Euros. The Touran TSI EcoFuel also features a Twincharger system; turbocharger and supercharger to further improve fuel economy. We will bring you more images soon, meanwhile continue reading to view more images of the Polo BlueMotion Concept.

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