Vincent Besson, an executive for Citroen revealed in Geneva that the auto maker has confirmed its intention to produce the GTbyCitroen based on a limited production run of probably 20 units. The GTbyCitroen first appeared in the Gran Turismo 5 game based on the Playstation 3 platform and its full-scale model was featured in Paris.

The GTbyCitroen would become the first car to be produced based a video game. Besson did not reveal a production schedule and other details, but the GTbyCitroen will most probably feature a V8, supplied by either Ford or struggling General Motors.

The full scale model measures 4.960 meters long, 2.080 meters wide and 1.090 meters high, which is considered pretty big for a super car. Other features included in the scale; large wheel arches, 21-inch alumimium wheels, LED lights that project information to the driver and “gullwing” styled doors. Lets just keep a watchful eye on racing games these days, as you would not know, what might just end up being produced! Continue reading to view an image gallery.

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