2009 MINI Cabriolet

MINI, being a somewhat quirky brand usually has advertising campaigns that live and breath on values such as youthfulness and fun, etc. After all you have to convince someone to pay a serious sum of money for such a small car, especially here in Malaysia. Even in Malaysia, the intro campaign for the R56 MINI was quite interesting, involving something to do with messsages from a “Russian spy on a plane”.

Anyway, here’s a whole load of new promo videos (edited into 1) that MINI created for the new MINI Cabriolet. I personally wasn’t too amused by the bunch of weirdos driving a drop top MINI through an automatic car wash machine, but these are a better watch, at the very least it’s not annoying. Most of them center around the Cabrio’s launch theme of keeping your roof down as often as possible.