Italian-based Tazzari revealed that it will offer its Zero electric vehicle in North America by 2010, via Verdek-EV, which is a company appointed to represent Tazzari in regions such as North America, Mexico and the Caribbean islands. The Tazzari Zero is a fully electric 2 door super mini that is powered by a 15kW asynchronous AC centrally mounted motor, that is also good for 150Nm of torque. The 542 kilograms electric-mobile is also able to sprint to 100 km/h in just 5 seconds, which is impressive. Top speed is rated at 80 km/h.

With a Li-ion Fe battery pack which takes about 9 hours for a full recharge via a household power outlet, the Zero is capable of delivering 140 kilometers in terms of driving range. The Zero which measures 2884 mm in length, 1550 mm in width and 1400 mm in height, also features four driving modes that include “Race” for performance driving with race like feel, “Rain” for driving in wet conditions, “Standard” for daily use and “Economy” to get the most mileage from a full charge.

The Tazzari Zero is scheduled for its first public appearance at the Bologna International Motor Show in December and Tazzari revealed that in Europe, the Zero will carry price tag which is slightly less than 20,000 Euros. Standard features include 15 inch alloy wheels finished in Anthracite, electronic anti-theft device with remote control and immobilizer, radio stereo RDS with mp3 and CD player, removable venting ultra view sunroof, eco-leather seats, standard battery charger for 9 hours charge time and a 12V outlet for phone recharge and LED tail lights.

Other options include white or black paint finish for the wheels and either a Multifast battery charger or a Superfast battery charger. The Multifast charger can fully recharge the electric car in 6 hours while the latter can recharge the Zero up to 80% in just 50 minutes. Continue reading to view more images.