Nicolas Stone, a recent graduate from the College of Creative Studies has designed the concept you see above, dubbed as the 2020 City Car Concept with the help of Korean-based auto maker, Hyundai.

Featuring a naturalist theme, the futuristic 2020 Hyundai City Car Concept seems to feature a front end that looks a little like the Mitsubishi i MiEV.

The “green” theme can also be seen in the airy interior, with a design that mimics “leaves growing off a stem”. Electricity is obtained via transparent solar panels mounted on the car that will then channel electricity into a water tank to split hydrogen molecules from oxygen molecules (Hydroxene anyone?). Just like a plant, the eco-friendly car uses stored hydrogen to power to vehicle while oxygen is released into the atmosphere (this is the plant part). This method is in fact called “artificial photosynthesis”.

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