BMW LogoBMW Malaysia is taking its customer ownership experience to the next level with the introduction of BMW TeleServices, now available with any BMW vehicle from BMW Malaysia that is equipped with Bluetooth and the BMW Navigation Professional System.

TeleServices is part of the BMW ConnectedDrive suite of services, and is related to the maintenance of your car. When a service is due as determined by BMW’s Condition Based Server on-board system, the car will communicate with the BMW TeleServices server via the mobile phone network and relay this service information. Your dealer/service center will then call you up to arrange an appointment for you to bring your car in for service at your convenience.

It’s not just oil changes – CBS sensors can detect worn parts such as brake discs and pads and etc. The service job – if not something complicated like some major part broken – should be quick and fast as the CBS system will also inform BMW of what parts needs to be ready at the service center, so everything will be ready for service work to begin with minimal diagnostic and logistics delay.

Other parts of ConnectedDrive including BMW Assist and BMW Online internet access are currently under discussion/development with some local partners in Malaysia and will be rolled out when the infrastructure is ready. These are just some of the perks of buying your BMW from BMW Malaysia instead of a grey importer.

As it is, only half of the BMWs registered in Malaysia every month are from official dealers, the rest are grey imports. So BMW Malaysia is quite aggressive in trying to convert these grey import lovers, even if they are converted to BMW approved used car customers instead of brand new car customers. Services such as this are one way, and their Service Inclusive packages and attractive BMW Credit and Leasing plans are another. My advice is don’t look at the initial car price when you are considering which is the better deal, look at the bigger picture.