Toyota Crown Majesta

Toyota has unveiled an updated Toyota Crown Majesta for the Japanese market. The vehicle has a full air suspension and there are two engine options available. The wheelbase is 75mm longer than the previous series, creates a roomy and comfortable interior, but keeps its overall length under 5 meters for better maneuverability on tight Japanese city roads.

The all-wheel drive Crown Majesta i-Four version gets the 3UZ-FE, a 4.3 litre V8 mated to a 6-speed Super ECT transmission, while the regular Type A, Type C and Type G packages in either 4-seater and 5-seater forms get the 1UR-FSE D-4S 4.6 litre V8 similiar to the one in the Lexus LS460, mated to a 8-speed Super ECT.

Toyota Crown Majesta

The new Crown Majesta debuts the Rear Center Airbag that this site talked about a few days ago. This airbag is standard on all models, both the 4-seater and the 5-seater. All variants have a total of 11 SRS airbags and the Pre-crash safety system even brings the rear reclined seats to an upright position when the system senses an imminent crash, to help reduce injuries.

The Pre-crash safety system uses a millimeter-wave radar to detect possible front-side collisions such as at intersections, and a stereo camera can detect pedestrians in front of the vehicle, with a warning displayed to the driver when necessary. There is also a Night View system that uses a near-infrared camera to show the driver objects in the dark at night.

Toyota Crown Majesta

One thing that’s quite interesting is how the Super ECT and ESP system of the gearbox and car actually uses GPS navigation data to modify its gear change patterns. This is easy to do considering how developed Japanese GPS maps are, and the fact that the Crown Majesta is supposed to be sold in Japan only.

The Super ECT uses GPS to know when you are merging onto a highway, exiting a highway or approaching a toll booth. It then controls gear-change timing and engine braking appropriately for a smoother acceleration and deceleration. The system also knows the location of stop signs and junctions, and activates a brake-assist function if it knows the driver is late in decelerating.

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